Just to bullshit thread

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Re: Just to bullshit thread

#16931 Post by Unca Walt » January 11th, 2017, 8:35 am

It gives a bloody great flaming roar when it goes off, since the fargin barrel(s) are a tad over an inch long. I can conceal the thing in my hand.

She loves it, 'cause it weighs about six ounces... she cannot feel the weight of it in her purse.

Sometimes, she puts it in her shirt pocket. 8-)

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Re: Just to bullshit thread

#16932 Post by JustPassinThru » January 12th, 2017, 12:25 pm

I guess my wording was sloppy.

I mean my Yugo (or YuDIE) semiauto throws brass out the side. Fast, too...hard to dodge.

Now...does not a revolver have some discharge where the barrel meets the drum?

Is there never any possibility of not-accurate alignment issues?

I'm the wrong guy to be arguing that one gun is better than another; but, to my thinking...the Nazis and the West German Federal Police can't ALL be wrong...

There are better guns out there, no question. But when you go to war, you go to war with the armoury you HAVE, not the one you WISH you had.

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Re: Just to bullshit thread

#16933 Post by Rudy2D » January 12th, 2017, 2:10 pm

Speaking of wishing:

How are guns and parachutes alike?

If you ever need one and don't have it--you may never need one again.

How are slinkies and liberals alike?

They're both great fun to toss down a flight of stairs.
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Re: Just to bullshit thread

#16934 Post by Unca Walt » January 12th, 2017, 5:07 pm

Regarding pistols... wheelies in particular.

That white handled one pictured above WILL throw bits of lead out the side. I even had an AD with that one by simply rotating the cylinder -- the fargin hammer protrudes in far enough to set off the rimfire .22 by scraping it. JEEZ.

So PAY MORE than $8 new, shipped... OK?

Other wheelies do not throw lead sideways, and NONE will fire if the wheel aint aligned.

Back to the Krauts: They made some good stuff, and they made some real shit to give to their troops. I have two Mauser rifles that were made in the 19th century. One in 1898, one in 1890. They suck (I can go into it with detail... but just trust yer Unca).

Single shot bolt action with HORRIBLE sights vs 8-shot semi-autos with GREAT sights for the Yanks.

One of the shittiest ever designed is your horrible POS Mauser pistol. Another is the 1922 Fabrique Nationale 9mm. These, like the 19th century stuff, were issued to the pore ole Kraut GI's.

This one (notice this one has the "look down the barrel when you try to get the magazine out" design like yours:


I am not being nationalistic; you guys all know what I think of the Mattel Toy <-- With most ricky-tick solid reasons.

And the Brit Webley .455 is ghastly. Lemme see if I can find a pic. Hold on. HAH. Easypeasy...


The way you load the sucker is to grab the rear sight, lift it up, and the pistol sorta bends in the middle like a stick breaking. The unfortunate part is that the recoil often caused that "lift up the rear sight thingy" the lift up and dispense all the rounds out of the gun all over the place. POS in spades. My Unca brought one home. I GAVE it away when I grew up... after it popped open on me when I shot it.

Oh. And the break-action Webley takes .45 auto ammo. But... but... .45 auto ammo is way past the proof pressure limit of the Webley. So when Webley ammo got scarce in WWII, lotsa Brit GI's got their exploding pistols handed to them along with crates of US .45 ammo.

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Re: Just to bullshit thread

#16935 Post by JustPassinThru » January 17th, 2017, 10:09 am


I made the decision to keep it, based on the return I'd have gotten, selling it through a local gunsmith (connected with a large independent outdoors store) on GunBuyer...and then the hassle of trying, maybe failing, to clear a Federal check.

It would have been about an even swap for me. I didn't even talk to the manager about my personal issues. Just got the lay of the money...he'd take it on consignment, he'd put it up online, and if it didn't sell, he'd have to background-check me to give it BACK. Uh-uh.

Prices ranged at about the same price as a new, less-expensive semiautomatic....about $350 to $400. It was he who suggested I just keep it.

I didn't have it reconditioned there because he also bought a competitive-shooting S&W revolver and kit...belonged to my grandfather; worth $3000 when "excellent." There was a flaw he didn't pick up or didn't care about. Two other buyers passed on it; so I sold it to him outright for 60 percent of what similar ones were selling.

One of us got screwed. I think it was him. Since the pistol was of no value to me, and no memories to me, and not a practical self-defense tool...I was happy to let it go and figured there would be hard feelings.

A small gun shop reconditioned the Mauser. I asked before we began if it wouldn't be better to sell it. My choice, he said. Are there issues with this model? Nope.

Another shop, a big one out in the country, sold me ammo. Problems with this one? None other than we saw in the range, he said...he was the guy running the instructions class. It's more prone to jamming; it's heavier. But it's a proven design. He did warn me that magazines are hard to come by...don't keep a magazine loaded up. Spring will wear out.

So...here we are. I have to be practical about my budget. Odds are, when TSHTF, we won't go out with a blaze but a whimper. When the government ossifers, with their turbans and their broken Inglez, take my weapons while I'm spread-eagle on the ground...better at least they don't get one that helps THEM.


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